Wise beyond his years, Phillip Brown has already fulfilled his dream to serve his country in Afghanistan, and now he's turned his sights on music. Influenced by his father's love of music and the likes of Canada's folk elite -- Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn and the late Stan Rogers -- the 26-year-old Brown has been writing songs since he was fifteen. Born and raised in Toronto, his father taught him to play guitar at the age of nine and he hasn't been able to put it down since. In 2004 he took the bull by the horns and began work on his first recording At Home, which he released in 2006. Later that same year Phil followed this release with a second entitled Café Mirage, from which the song “Sometimes” was nominated for an Ontario Independent Music Award. Winter Hymn, Phillip’s third studio album, was produced by award-winning producer Paul Mills. Phil wanted to make the album the best that it could be, so with the help of Mills he recruited David Woodhead and renowned guitarist Jason Fowler for the project. Mills, aka Curly Boy Stubbs, also tastefully enhanced the album with his mandolin magic.

Brown’s refreshing and smooth “folky” vocals whisper Lightfoot and wrap around his introspective lyrics with the strength and confidence of a veteran. Not only a skillful songwriter, Brown has also been impressing audiences and industry professionals with his dexterous guitar playing and unique style of finger-picking. Mills adds “It was a delight to work with Phillip Brown on Winter Hymn. His songs are imbued with great musicianship, a warm and engaging voice and some of the fanciest guitar picking I've heard in a while." Honing his skills further by continuous touring, his "one man band" style (more of a flamenco style, where he plays rhythm and bass parts with the thumb and everything else with the fingers) has become ingrained in his overall performances that are enjoyed by audiences everywhere.

Now preparing to release his fourth studio CD Phil has again teamed up with producer Paul Mills. For this 7 song ep titled "Drive" they Put together a crack team of musicians including one of Canada's great drummers Al Cross, long time Toronto professional bass player and producer Bryant Didier and the very tasteful cello playing of Bowfire's Wendy Solomon. While sticking to the solid guitar playing and musicality that we have come to expect from Phillip for this project he has worked hard to put the focus of the CD on the song writing featuring a simple and relatable lyric and strikingly powerful vocals. Slowly, but surely Phillip Brown is becoming recognized as the new and Fresh face of Folk music in Canada.